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"Owning a farm property where your machinery sheds are separate from your homestead is a worry when it comes down to security. We have always had an alarm system that monitors vehicle traffic approaching our house but never one capable of securing the house and sheds at one time. Alarm Australia's impressive long range alarm systems have overcome this difficulty. We now monitor access to our house and sheds from the one location allowing for peace of mind security."
Oberon NSW
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"I am often working up in the shed behind the house and don't know when someone is at my front door. With my new alarm, I am alerted the second someone comes through the gate."
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"We live on a property and my husband travels a lot with work. When I am at home alone I like to be aware of unexpected visitors or even thieves before they are on my door step."
Bathurst NSW
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"Our alarm from Alarm Australia has been fantastic for our winery and cellar door sales, customers are no longer left waiting or looking for someone to assist them."
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"What a relief. Before we had our alarm I used to be constantly listening out and thinking: 'Is that a car door closing?' 'Is that a footstep on the veranda?' Now I can turn up my favourite music or become engrossed with something on the computer and not look up to see a big, burly bloke standing almost in my kitchen. With the alarm installed my visitors are greeted with a smile instead of a small shriek of surprise. Alarm Australia products come highly recommended to those wanting notice of people approaching."
Nannup WA
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